Béla F. Galló

„At the moment of our birth we already own a large amount of knowledge, inherited from our ancestors.” Béla F. Galló is a researcher of psychogenetics, writer, painter and sculptor artist.
Béla F. Galló has been researching the laws of psychogenetics and mental genetics since 1978, using the instict diagnostics of Lipót Szondi. His research fields include psychogenic constellations in oncology, psychogenic activation, and psychogenic psychology.
He conducted his onco-psychological research also at the Semmelweis Medical University of Budapest, where his main field of expertise was the observation of suicidal infants, cancer patients and drug users. Between 1978-81 in cooperation with Dr. Pál Juhász, professor of psychiatry, Béla F. Galló developed a complex art therapy where he often used his own paintings as well.

He has been painting since 1964. His style represents the ancient surrealism with always actual topics: current social issues and tensions. His paintings provoke our deepest instincts with primitive raw lines and sophisticated shades. His portraits are never talking about the portrayed ones but about us, viewers. Béla F. Galló is interested in real faces below the masks, the true portrait of souls.
His graphics were published in cultural journals from 1978 until 1987.
In 1993 he moved to a farm for meditations and teaching, far away from everyday life. In these few years he worked, wrote and painted dealing with topics of human pain, abused infants and social injustices. He returned with an exhibition of these artworks in 1997.
His painter masters: Soma László Somogyi, András Géresi Balogh, Tibor Kaján, Margit Szilvásy.
Béla F. Galló started to study transcendent doctrines in 1969. He takes the most important value from his master, Kadzsupa Lama’s legacy, keeping it in mind during his whole life: supporting life, as its aim is to fully live our existence.
His paintings can be found in private collections worldwide: Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Japan, India, Belgian Congo.


1973 – 1992 Budapest
Main topics:
portrait of old veterans
social gaps between elite and poverty

2000, 2002 Szombathely / Hungary – Changes
2009 Vienna / Austria
2013 Kaposvár / Hungary
2014 Rácalmás / Hungary – portraits
2016 Budapest – Homeless shelter

Joint exhibitions:
2002 Graz / Austria
2005 Budapest – creative psychiatrists’ artworks

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