István ef Zámbó

I wish to provoke thoughts to the audience, which I did not even think about.

He started his artist career at the age of 8, when he sneaked into strangers’ basements by night. Around 20 he was taken to the nuthouse due to a happening, and later he established the Vajda Lajos Studio. He wrote immortal songs together with the band “Committee”. He even welcomed Miles Davis as his guest in 1991 with goulash cream sandwich. István says that the only difference between today and the old world is, that now peonage is more sophisticated.

ef Zámbó is a self-educated artist, an experimenter in various genres (sculpting, graphics, music, performance, films, media). He is a co-founder of Vajda Lajos Studio, one of the most famous Hungarian art company; as well as the cult band of Hungarian alternative rock music, the “Committee” (A.(lbert) E.(instein) Committee).
Since 1976 he is a member of the Association of Artists and Art Foundation. Ef Zámbó associates the essence and compression with distinct marks that are based on form-consciousness, and the notion consistently built on the inner logic of the artwork. He calls us, sues and makes us laugh; representing also himself as a clown which – instead of making a circus – enjoys pleasure, the inevitable gift of life.
He helps us live and recognize the miracle of life. He helps us dream and imagine. The harmony and order of his pictures is just a semblance – there is no such harmony in the world. Ef Zámbó continuously strives to achieve an inner (composition) harmony, even if we see that these pictures are grotesque and lyrical, full of conflicts and contradictions, allowing the freedom of form and thoughts.

He confesses that everything can be an artwork and everyone can be an artist. Art is a lifestyle, he thinks that even an everyday action can be an artistic act. Motifs of his artworks mainly come from the pop culture, and these symbols create a surrealist and neo-Dadaist art universe (pop art, underground, Dadaist and avant-garde).

His artworks can be found in private and public collections:

Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest / Hungary
Ludwig collection, Aachen / Germany
Vasteros Konst Halle / Sweden
Nürnberg Stadt Museum – Graphical collection / Nürnberg / Germany
Ferenczi Museum, Szentendre / Hungary
King Stephen Museum, Székesfehérvár / Hungary
Rippl-Rónai Museum, Kaposvár / Hungary

Exhibitions, awards:

Main exhibitions:
1978 Paris / France – Grand Pallas
1984 New York / USA
1985 Hamburg / Germany – Galeria Mensch
1987 Győr / Hungary – János Xantusz Museum
1990 Konst Halle Södertelje, Upsala, Vasteros (Sveden)
1996 and 2000 Szentendre / Hungary
2001 Budapest / Hungary – Gallery 1900 – 3 Karma
2003 Paris / France – Gallery Escape Cinko
2012 Debrecen / Hungary – Life of Jesus – painting exhibition
2014 Budapest / Hungary, A38 boat – “Past quilt with future pillow” exhibition
2016 Szentedre / Hungary, Ferenczy Museum – “The echo of pleasure”

1990 Award of the Association of Fine Art and Craftsmen, V. National Drawing Biennial, Salgótarján / Hungary
1990 XX. Spring Exhibition. Award of Town Council of Salgótarján / Hungary
1996 Fine Art award of the Hungarian Artists’ Association. VIII. National Drawing Biennial, Salgótarján / Hungary
1997 Painting award of the Ministry of Culture and Public Education. Budapest / Hungary
2000 Merited Artist of the Republic of Hungary
2006 Knight’s Cross of the Merit of the Republic of Hungary
2010 Munkácsy-award

Further Artists