András Győrfi

András is a contemporary wanderer painter from the borderline of dreams and reality.

His colorful and surreal paintings carry us to a unique dreamworld. We meet the lightness, unreal colors and weightless figures of our dreams on the canvas. The paintings and their figures are familiar and strange at the same time. Princes, princesses and knights are living their unattainable lives, in hope of happyness and a bright future.
András is kindly and furtively, but unmercifully provoking us. He illustrates our vivid, fabulous fantasy from our childhood as a warning sign for our adult self, living our world full of reality and stereotypes.

András Győrfi was born in Kaposvár (Hungary), where numerous great Hungarian artists were living and creating in the last decades – Rippl-Ronai, Vaszary or Endre Szasz, just to mention a few.
Győrfi spent a part of his childhood in contemporary artists’ studios, thanks to his father’s friends. His drawing skills were outstanding already as a child, when he won the Indian Shankar world competition of 5000 applicants.
After obtaining his degree in architecture he shortly returned to his ethernal passion for drawing and painting.
He is a real traveling artist, his artworks are present in numerous galleries all over the world since 1991: in the United States, Germany, Spain, China, Morocco, Malaysia and Mexico.
We can meet him during the summer in Rovinj, Croatia, in his studio-gallery. More than a hundred of books were published with his illustrations. András has also introduced himself in London with his theatre scenery.


1994 works and exhibits in the USA
1994 – 1999 manager of Polaris Gallery – Budapest / Hungary
1996 studio in Aachen / Germany
from 1997 frequently visits international artist colonies
2000 set design of „Black Honey” – play of Zsolt Pozsgai in London
2006 exhibition in China (Harbin)
2008 individual exhibition – A.Sanat Gallery, Istambul / Turkey

2009- 2012 own gallery in Budapest downtown
2011 exhibition – Los Angeles / USA
Germany / Mainburg / Ingolstadt
2012 exhibition in Los Angeles (LGOCA Gallery)
exhibition series in London (WestBank Gallery, 286 Gallery, Britain Center)
Cluj-Napoca / Transylvania – Reményik Gallery
2013 Santa Barbara / USA – Artamo Gallery
London / England – London Affordable Art Fair
2014 Mainburg / Germany,
Tulum / Mexico

2015 Granada / Spain – Cartel Gallery
Santa Barbara / USA – Artamo Gallery
Budapest / Hungary- Art Market
2016 Granada / Spain – Cartel Gallery
Szentendre / Hungary – Erdész Gallery
Copenhagen / Denmark – Gallery Ni
2017 Warsaw / Poland – Agora Gallery
RAM – Budapest
Gravis Art Gallery – Nice/France
2018 Art House Gallery – Cluj-Napoca/Romania
National Theater – Budapest
2019 ArtMarket Budapest