Borsach - Bors István

„My aim is to create allegoric painting and abstract lyricism. This is LEA, Lyrical Expressive Allegory, the painting of sensitivity. The unhindered reflection of contours and colours to the world.”

I was born is Csorna (Hungary) in 1975. I was influenced by my actor father’s contemporary painter friends. I draw and paint since childhood. These were the famous eighties. As I youngster I was greatly influenced by the painters of Győr such as Tóvári Tóth István and Barabás László and naturally the new wave and the style from the West.I was a painter scholar in Paris in 1994, and wanted to stay. My paintings were exhibited in Mednyánszky Gallery from 1998 in Budapest and I have regular exhibits in the Art Ten Gallery.
Later I have finished medical school in Budapest in 2001, since then I have been working as a spinal surgeon.

We founded the Figurative Attack Project and Performance together with other young artists in 2000, which emphasised the lagging behind of the national „modern” art. In 2001 I became closely acquainted with Endre Szász’s work, a Hungarian painter-graphic artist and his professional technique enthralled me. Later, his widow who used to be his manager, Lula Szász discovered my work and this paved my career further on.

My first solo exhibit was in 2004 in the Stefánia Gallery, and then together with other artists in Balatonlelle. Together with Endre Szász we exhibited in 2010 in Sopron, in 2012 Ajka and Miskolc (The Night of the Arts). In 2012 I exhibited at an International Exhibit in Prague, togethet with other artists.

A characteristic painting following or just observing and acknowledging the trends. The paintings depict the painter and the style. It’s out of fashion to say: Isn’t that a Borsach on the wall? This is not only because style and character is lacking but slowly the wall as well. Still the need must exist to own a piece of art that one can take home and display, the creation being not only a self-fulfilling irony on the wall of a gallery, where sometimes they smell of perspiration, at least I sincerely hope so.


• 1998-tól Mednyánszky Műterem, Budapest / Hungary
• 2003-tól Art Ten galéria, Budapest / Hungary
• 2004 Stefánia Palota, Budapest, önálló kiállítás / Hungary
• 2005 Balatonlelle, csoportos kiállítás / Hungary
• 2010 Sopron, Szász Endrével közös kiállítás / Hungary
• 2012 Ajka, Szász Endrével közös kiállítás / Hungary
• 2012 Prága, csoportos kiállítás / Csehország
• 2012 Miskolc, Művészetek Éjszakája – Szász Endrével közös kiállítás / Hungary
• 2014 “Siel de Paris – Scène International des Expressions Libres“ Párizs, kiállítás és aukció / France
• 2015 tagság: The Museum of Living Art : le MoLA
• 2013 YICCA Rome / Olaszország

• 2015 Epson Digigraphie® FDID Díj
• 2015 Master of Art International 2015, London, nemzetközi kiállítás
• 2015 Best Illustrated and Self Representation Award, London Master of Art International
• 2016 Selected artist of 18th Artavita, Miami Red Dot, Art Fair / USA
• 2016 Selected artist of The Museum of Living Art, Paris / France
• 2016 “MoLa – Siel de Paris – Párizs / France
• 2016 Selected artist of 21st Artavita, New York
• 2017 Szt. Lukács Galléria, Budapest, individual exhibition / Hungary

• 2017 Selected artist of Mantova International Biennal of Contemporary Art / Olaszország
• 2017 International Art Fair, Montpellier /
• 2018 Foire d’art – Art Up! Lille / France
• 2018 Art Fair, Antwerpen, Belgium.
• 2018 International Art Fair, Montpellier, France.
• 2018 Solo Exhibition in Gravis Art Galerie, Nice, France
• 2019 Art-Up, International Biennale, Lille, France.

• 2015 member of the Museum of Living Art : le MoLA and the Epson Digigraphie®.
• 2015 Master of Art International Exhibition – Best Illustration Certificate Award. London, UK.