Omar Logang

“Painter of the lights”

Omar Logang was born in southern Sudan into an artist family. His father was a noted woodsculptor. Very early on, Omar showed artistic ability and no one was surprised when he was admitted to the School of Fine Arts in Khartoum, where he was brilliant.
After graduating, he enrolled to complete his studies at the School of Fine Arts in Tetouan, Morocco.
Because of the political unrest that has rocked Sudan for several years, his family urges him not to return after completing his studies. He decided to seek political asylum in Spain, which was granted to him in 1993. Omar became a Spanish citizen in 1996.
For seventeen years, Omar painted in Spain, making trips every year to Morocco, Mali, and the south of France. He stubbornly seeks the changing light of these sites.
He devotes himself to landscape painting, representative painting, portraits as well as city scenes.

Regardless of the “academic” career that opened up to him in Africa, Omar wants to open his painting to wider horizons and draw inspiration from major elements of European art.
The use of bright colors is quite unique to him and this work should be considered as an original process. The clean style of his paintings reflects an expression of detachment and loneliness.
Omar has made numerous solo exhibitions in Madrid in famous galleries. He is now starting to be known more widely, and his works are exhibited in France, Italy, Germany, UK, Russia and the USA.


2020 France – Nice- Galerie des Dominicains.
2020 France – Nice- LYCEE MASSENA.
2019 France – Nice- La Conciergerie Gound.
2018 Monaco – A l’Espace d’Art du Comité AIAP – UNESCO
2017 France – Nice- Galerie des Dominicains.
2016 France – Nice- Centre Animanice
2015 France – Nice- Centre Animanice Ste-Marguerite.
2015 France – Nice- LYCEE MASSENA.
2014 France – Nice- Galerie des Dominicains.
2014 Autriche- Innsbruck- Galerie Esterhammer.
2014 France – Nice- LYCEE MASSENA.
2013 France – Nice- Centre Culturel La Providence.
2012 France – Nice- CAL Bon Voyage.
2012 France – Nice- LYCEE MASSENA.
2012 Autriche – Innsbruck- Galerie Esterhammer.
2012 Allemagne – Nuremberg -Town Hall.
2011 France – Nice- LYCEE MASSENA.
2011 France – Levens- Maison du Portal.
2011 France – Nice- Galerie des Dominicains.
2010 France – Nice- Centre Culturel La Providence.
2010 Monaco– Cats Business Center
2010 France – Nice- Galerie L’art et La Matière.
2009 France – Nice- CAVE ROMAGNAN.

2009 France – Nice- Galerie ARTEMISIA.
2007 Espagne – Madrid – Galerie EME04.
2006 Espagne – Madrid – Casa de Brasil.
2004 Espagne – Madrid – Galerie Blasco de Garay.
2003 France – Nice – Galerie L’art et La Matière.
2002 Espagne – Madrid – Salle Minerva de circulo de Bellas Artes.
2002 Espagne – Madrid – Hogar Vasco de Madrid, Euskal Etxea.
2001 Espagne – Madrid – Institut égyptien des études islamiques.
2001 Espagne – Madrid – Casa de Brasil.
2000 Espagne – Ciudad Real – Sala de caja Madrid.
2000 Espagne – Madrid – Galerie Ra del Rey.
1999 Espagne – Zaragoza- Centre cultural de La Almunia
1999 Espagne – Madrid – Galerie Santa Engracia.
1998 Espagne – Madrid – Collège officiel des médecins de l’université autonome de Madrid.
1997 Espagne – Madrid – Centre Juvenil Luis Gonzaga.
1996 Espagne – Madrid – Mercado Puerta Toledo.
1996 Espagne – Madrid – Galerie Klimt.
1996 Espagne – Madrid – Casa de Brasil.
1995 Espagne – Madrid – Centre Cultural de Julio Cortázar.
1995 Espagne – Madrid – Centre Cultural Casa de Rey Arganda del Rey.
1990 Maroc – Tétouan- Centre Culturel.

Concours et Prix :
Omar Logang a participé à des concours nationaux de peinture rapide dans « EL PARQUE DEL BUEN RETIRO » de Madrid de 1992 à 2002.
2000 Espagne – Madrid- Salon d’automne.
2000 Espagne – Valdepefias- Prix de LXI exposition d’arts plastiques .
2000 Espagne – Aibacete- IV biennale de Peinture.
2000 Espagne – Madrid – Prix penagos de dessin XVIII convocation.
1997 Espagne – Madrid – Prix BMW de peinture.
1996 Espagne – Madrid – XII Prix de peinture Durant.
1995 Espagne – Madrid – XIX Concours national d’aquarelle.
1993 Espagne – Avila – III Concours de peinture rapide.
1993 Espagne – Madrid – I Concours de peinture en plein air, l’exposition à la bourse.

Prix et Distinctions :
2002 Espagne – Madrid-Premier Prix de peinture Minerva Cercle des Beaux- Arts, parrainé par La Firma Pradis.
2000 Espagne – Madrid- Premier Prix de peinture de Cercle des Beaux-arts.
1999 Espagne – Madrid- Premier Prix de peinture 4° Concours de « Peinture Gran Via » pour les jeunes peintres.