Milanda de Mont

Artiste: Milanda de Mont
Le titre de l’image: Beauté et vie
L’année de création: 2019
Technique: Peinture sur verre sur toile
Taille: 30 x 40 cm
Prix: 650 EUR

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    À propos de l'artiste

    Milanda de Mont
    Milanda’s lyrical abstracts, project and display her unique style of aesthetic and her artistic mark.

    Her Inspirations:
    Life is full of mystery surrounding moments and at the same time a journey of joy, love, beauty, freedom of thought and inspirations. The past, present and future are continued in a timeless space, inseparable in my works. Our existence is a celebration of our mind and philosophy. My inspirations derive from everyday life and the nature that gives us the breath to survive and lead the light of creation.