Sibilla Bjarnason

Artiste: Sibilla Bjarnason
Le titre de l’image: Lace
L’année de création: 2011
Technique: Mixed media collage
Taille: 3 x 40 x 80 cm
Prix: 8000 EUR

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    À propos de l'artiste

    Sibilla Bjarnason is an established contemporary visual artist.

    Born in Latvia. Citizen of Latvia and Iceland. Resident of France, lives and works in  Nice, France. After retirement from the University of Gothenburg (Sweden), where she was Professor and Chairman of Department of Paediatric Dentistry, Faculty of Odontology Sibilla Bjarnason has devoted her time to art. Working both in figural and abstract style she is exploring different materials and techniques and using modern technology as an aid to the manual aspect of her art.