Mihai Barra

Művész: Mihai Bara
A kép címe: A város csókja
Az alkotás éve: 2021
Technika: mixed media papíron
Méret: 60 x 40 cm + keret

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    Mihai Bara további munkái

    A művészről

    Mihai BARA

    I absorb vibrations and use them to recreate a different world while I paint, according my ideas, my sensibility, my desires, my doubts…

    I’m in permanent dialog with human nature. I try understand it better and to „translate” these feelings through my expression as… a fabulous distorted mirror of the surrounding reality.
    I have a fascination for the emotionality that lies beneath the surface of my characters, I am absorbed by the labyrinth we all have inside us and of the human behaviour as result of it. We are making part of a huge emotional puzzle with important connexions and interactivity.
    My creations are an invitation to dialogue, introspection, understanding and at the same time, I suppose that might be seen as a society scanner. The viewer will definitely find a hint of sarcasm but generally I have a propitiatory and optimistic look on humanity.
    Mountebanks, clowns, ballerinas, heroes, puppeteers, hypocrites, politicians and musicians as the main characters, in my view for the multiple facets of the „common man today” and also for the world we’re living in…
    My show is a window of the soul opened to the world.
    Enjoy it!