Iris Bodenburg

Iris Bodenburg is an outstanding and highly esteemed artist with an excellent academic education as a painter and graphic artist.
She has acquired an enormous skill in watercolour painting and has made this her unmistakable trademark.Her watercolour art on the special coarsely structured deckle-edge sheets from Nepal, the extremely high-quality Kahari Himalaya paper, and Awagami paper from Japan requires a very great artistic mastery.

Especially figurative painting is a supreme challenge. The colours flow on the unique paper and have a course that has to be considered and mastered. Iris Bodenburg is a singular talent in this demanding artistic discipline.


Born in Halle / Saale in 1958.  From 1975 medical – technical assistant for laboratory and X-ray diagnostics, Specialist for clinical chemistry 1984 study of nature in Thale 1985-90 studies painting / graphics at the University of Art and Design Halle “Burg Giebichenstein” with Prof. Frank Ruddigkeit and Prof. Otto Möhwald 1990-93 master student at the Berlin Academy of the Arts with Prof. Werner Tübke and Prof. Gerhard Kettner Freelance work in Halle since 1992 1995 Private course Jiangsu Academy of Graphic Art in Nanjing, PR China with Prof. Cai ZHIXIN

Since 1993 numerous personal exhibitions and participation in exhibitions at home and abroad Study trips: i.a. Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Islam Republic of the Comoros, Indonesia, PR China, Norway, Seychelles, Hong Kong, Australia, Mauritius, Turkey.

My work alone, the process of creating the picture itself, a flow of colored water, guided and directed by the mesh of vegetable fibers of unsized papers from Nepal and Japan, creates a dynamic of lighting and design. There is a hint of movement and atmosphere, the breathing of a vital form and its validity in two-dimensional space, LIVENESS.


Model in the atelier

Artist: Iris Bodenburg

A kind of Blue

Artist: Iris Bodenburg

Glorie du Matin Opus 9

Artist: Iris Bodenburg

Le sacre du printemps

Artist: Iris Bodenburg

Recognize yourself

Artist: Iris Bodenburg


Artist: Iris Bodenburg