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A contemporary gallery in the heart of South-France, in Nice – among the walls of an old town gallery – full of paintings, sculptures and unique objects. We offer you artworks from internationally renowned artists from several parts of the world.

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Anikó Pápista

Anikó Pápista

My vision is to create an island in Nice, within the walls of an old town gallery - with pictures, sculptures and special creations. Their creators are my friends, whose personalities and creations are important to me. They are all different, with different lifestyles, experiences, tools, moods and ways of expressing themselves. Often the creators linger here, having conversations with the consumers. But even on quiet days, an armchair awaits everyone, with soft music and good coffee. Then pretty slowly, everyone will find the work made for him, and with it, each object will find its owner and place.


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Where are we?

In the main street of the historic center of Nice, a few minutes from the famous flower market.